Valet Prices 2019


We have a range of valeting services to suit your individual requirements. Take a look at these great value prices, all carried out at your convenience by our mobile valeting unit. Call us now and let us get your car in showroom condition.   

Valeting prices are a guide only and are based on the condition of the vehicle.

All our valets come with a FREE air freshener

Choose your valet from the list below, if you can't find a suitable package for you or your business please contact us with your requirements.


Wash & Polish

A low-cost makeover for your vehicle: wash & wax with built in traffic film remover, wheels cleaned & dressed, tar removal, power rinse, leather dry, regular hand polish.

Price: Cars £45, Large Cars & 4x4's

Mini Valet

A low-cost valet that includes: Exterior wash/wax & power rinse with built in traffic film remover, wheels cleaned, leather dry, dust interior, vacuum footwells & upholstery, windows cleaned, rubbish removed. 

Price: Cars £35, Large Cars & 4X4's £45

Part Valet

Included are all the features of the mini valet plus: Traffic film & brake dust remover applied to wheels, exterior wash/wax & power rinse under sills, door shuts cleaned, exterior mouldings cleaned & polished, windows dressed inside & out, tyres dressed.

Price: Cars £55, Large Cars & 4x4's £65 

Full Valet

Included are all the features of the mini & part valet plus: Exterior paintwork hand polished, wheel arches power washed, door & boot shuts cleaned & dressed, upholstery, carpets & head liner shampooed, interior vinyls cleaned & dressed, tar deposits removed, interior de-odorised. Have your engine steam cleaned for an extra £10 for cars or £15 for larger cars, 4x4 & commercials a saving of £10 off the normal price (£25)  (for details see engine valet at the bottom of this page).

Price: Cars £80, Large Cars & 4x4's £90 

Interior Valet Only

Interior vacumed, rubbish removed, vinyls cleaned & dressed, upholstery,carpets & head liner shampooed with built in stain remover, interior glass cleaned & dressed, interior de-odorised.

Price: Cars £50, Large Cars & 4x4's £60

Exterior Valet Only

Exterior wash/wax with built in traffic film remover & power rinse, traffic film remover apllied to wheels, tyres dressed, power wash under wheel archers, leather dry, remove tar deposits, HD hand / machine polish bodywork, mouldings cleaned and dressed, glass cleaned & polished.

Price: Cars £50, Large Cars & 4x4's £60 

Full Valet, Exterior Valet, & Wash & Polish, valets use only a standard polish for a longer and harder wearing polish, please phone for details & price's.

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